Cuando visitas un lugar como La Rioja, en el que la cultura del vino está tan arraigada a su historia y tradición, no te puedes quedar en la superficie. Las experiencias enoturísticas están pensadas para que tengas la oportunidad de sumergirte en el entorno natural de esta región a través de los cinco sentidos.

Enotourism adventure: much more than a leisure experience

The so-called Eastern Rioja Wine Route presents the visitor with an infinite number of alternatives with which to enjoy the wine culture. The aim of these proposals is to combine activities aimed at an adult public, such as wine tasting, with others open to all ages, such as walking routes through nature.

The enotourist experience goes beyond a simple day of leisure. It is your opportunity to get to know La Rioja and the wine tradition from a much more entertaining and formative perspective. Whether you are a wine drinker or not, these activities will awaken your interest and curiosity for a sector that has a lot to offer you.

What kind of wine tourism activities does Finca Vistahermosa offer?

We want to make our passion for wine reach you through all the senses. The program of activities that we have developed on our farm is intended to leave a mark on this journey through Rioja.

Choose a time of the year and embark on an adventure. At Finca Vistahermosa we have an activity to offer you whatever the most suitable time for you to make an escape to La Rioja. In fact, one of the main attractions of our wine tourism offer is that it offers different possibilities depending on the season and its particularities. The result? A unique experience every time you visit our vineyards.

In Finca Vistahermosa’s programme of enotourist activities, two large blocks are differentiated:

  1. strong>Walking through the vineyards and their surroundings: the core of any enotourist activity is in the knowledge of the wine-growing environment. Through our routes you will have the opportunity to travel through the most beautiful corners of the estate, expand your knowledge about the work that takes place daily in a vineyard, discover the flora and fauna of the place and even become an oenologist and grape harvester for a day if you visit us in the harvest season.
  2. strong>Wine tasting, tastings and lunches: are the ideal complement to a day in contact with nature. Once you have known the characteristics of our vineyards and the grapes we grow, how about savouring all that work? We promote the moderate consumption of the wines made in La Rioja through tastings that allow you to get to know the different grape varieties with which we work and the particularities of each one. And if we put an end to these teachings with a good lunch, there is no doubt that the experience will leave you with a very good taste in your mouth.

One plan outdoors and for the whole family

Are you determined to make your next holidays original, fun and educational? In La Rioja Oriental there are very interesting alternatives for leisure and ecological tourism and Finca Vistahermosa is a clear example of this.

With its 400 hectares divided into vineyards, other crops and areas of pines, holm oaks and scrubland, this environment is a great destination for a getaway with your partner, friends or family. With our activities adapted to all ages and interests we make sure to meet your expectations as a traveller. Alternative proposals for curious minds and demanding palates. What are you waiting for to visit us?