If you were waiting for the perfect excuse to give yourself a getaway into La Rioja, you have already found it. With the beginning of the grape harvest season also starts one of the most recommended moments for visiting these lands. Live the experience of the grape harvest in an incomparable natural environment and discover why the wines of this region have international fame.

Activities for the whole family with La Rioja in all its splendour

As wine lovers and lovers of this region, the lands of Finca Vistahermosa and the whole of Eastern Rioja are exceptional 365 days a year. However, we cannot forget that there is a moment when these lands show their maximum splendour and it is the beginning of the harvest.

We invite you to get to know first hand the process of harvesting the grapes and everything behind it. Culture, tradition, technology, innovation… From the most traditional methods to the most modern techniques, the harvest time on our estate gives you the chance to approach the world of wine from a new perspective.

There is no age limit to enjoy this experience. It is not even necessary to have extensive knowledge of the sector or to be a regular wine drinker. The only thing you need to bring to our facilities is your curiosity and your desire to learn in a playful and practical way with which both children and adults have a great time.

A traditional work with centuries of history

One of the most fascinating aspects of the grape harvest is the long history behind it and the way in which these vines have taken root in the Rioja tradition. It is enough to think that many generations have lived from these lands and from this activity as important for the region’s economy as for its cultural heritage.

The intangible heritage of everything that surrounds the sector is finally materialized during the weeks of the harvest. It is the moment in which effort and illusion take shape so that you can feel in your own hands the result of all this work. It is also an exceptional opportunity to delve into the winemaking process from the selection of the grapes to their processing in tanks or their passage through the barrel and openwork rooms.

barricas calaos viña

Our main purpose is that after your visit to Finca Vistahermosa you take home a much more complete idea of what the grape harvest implies, both from a practical and theoretical point of view and from a cultural, economic and social perspective marked by several centuries of tradition.

This is a playful and didactic proposal that turns wine tourism into a very attractive travel alternative for all family members. Small and big grape harvesters will have fun walking in a natural landscape of great beauty, learning in first person how to harvest, tasting grilled skewers from the vines of the vineyard and only for the elderly, tasting a varied selection of our best wines.

Enjoy an original tourist and cultural experience and visit Finca Vistahermosa during the harvest. We want to share with you this special moment for our winery and make you a participant in the success of our wines. This wonderful combination of leisure, tradition and nature will allow you to learn a little more about the particularities of the work we do to keep the name of La Rioja at the top of the international wine scene.