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Conversa Garnacha Tinto 2016


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This wine comes from the grapes of the Heredad de Vistahermosa estate.
It is one of the largest vineyards in Rioja, with 163 Ha, located between 550 m. and 750 m. altitude, which makes it also one of the highest.

The vineyard is located in a privileged and historic area in Rioja for the Garnacha variety. The altitude, the climate, which is colder than expected in this area, and the peculiar soil, with a large number of pebbles and low pH, are perfect for growing this variety, which is 46 years old.

That’s why, in 2005, it was decided to try and make a wine that was 100% Garnacha, something quite rare and peculiar in Rioja, where 90% of the wines are Tempranillo. The result was so good that it was bottled under the brand Conversa.

The production of this year was very limited, about 2,000 bottles, “from 2,006 the production is about 8,000 bottles” although we do not Conversa every year.

The grape is selected in a very particular way, practically bunch by bunch among the best vines of the plots chosen each year and it is harvested by hand in boxes of 15 Kg.

It has been aged for 12 months in oak barrels, which gives it an indication of Reserva.

Red wine of DOCa Rioja.

  • 100% Garnacha
  • Climate: continental-mediterranean
  • Soil: loamy-sandy-clay
  • Altitude: 650 m
  • Age: 40 years
  • Production: 8.000 bottle

Low temperature fermentation in stainless steel 3000 kg capacity vats for 15 days. A 10 day maceration. A slight filtration and clarification process. Malolactic fermentation in 600 litre French Oak barrels.

14 months in 600 litre semi-new, French oak (80%) barrels. ). 75 litre burgundy bottle. Natural cork.

  • Alcoholic Grade (%vol) 15
  • Total acidity (gr/l) in tartaric acid 5,85
  • pH 3,57
  • IPT 58
  • Intensity Colorant 14
  • Sight: A very good intenstiy with a maroon tonality.
  • Nose: Highly intense and complex, initial red fruit notes that give way to ripe black fruit with slight menthol touches and even slighter hints of rosemery and thyme. En equilibrio con la fruta, aparecen tonos especiados y tostados al fondo.
  • Palate: A good entry and a pleasant continuation, nice tannins, balanced with the wood while at the same time fresh, and with a relatively lengthy finish. As a whole, it is a complex flavour that brings to mind black plums
  • Service temperature 13º-14ºC