When we hear about wine tourism it is often thought that it is an activity reserved only for an adult public. While it is true that wine tasting in wineries is one of the main demands of wine tourism, the truth is that companies are increasingly specializing in offering other types of services that are suitable for the whole family. At Finca Vistahermosa we have designed a program of activities for young and old with which everyone learns and has fun.

A place to discover and have fun

With a location as unique as the one we have, in the Sierra de la Hez and just 35 km from Logroño, we could not allow the visit to Finca Vistahermosa to be an exclusive activity for adults. This magical spot in Eastern Rioja is an open-armed destination where visitors of all ages are welcome.
Our idea of promoting the culture of wine is not limited only to its consumption. Of course the elderly will enjoy tasting the different grape varieties we work with in the area, but wine represents much more than that. The taste and aroma of this long tradition are also to be found in the environment, in the activity we carry out every day and in the enthusiasm with which we work to extract the best from each grape.
The children, always curious, will learn a lot from this experience totally adapted to their age, with a playful and participative approach. A perfect excuse to enjoy a great day with the family and return home with the lesson well learned.

kids playing with grape's in finca vista hermosa

An extensive program of activities for children throughout the year

Do you want to know Finca Vistahermosa from a new perspective? Even if it’s not your first visit, you’ll be surprised how much a day of wine tourism in the traditional sense changes from a day of wine tourism in the family.
Every season of the year is different and that is why the activities we propose to our young visitors are also different. There will be times when you can become a winegrower for a day and participate actively in the harvest. On other occasions it will be the turn of pruning or leaf trimming and there will even be times when we can do chemical experiments with wine.
The aim of all these activities is to make children learn by playing. This is a great proposal for not losing contact with nature, understanding its importance in our daily lives and learning to respect and preserve it.

Knowing the wildlife of the Sierra de la Hez

These lands are inhabited by numerous animal species such as the bee falcon, charcoal burners, bullfinches or red partridges. In the most forested areas of the mountain range, roe deer and rabbits are often seen, and sometimes they can also be seen in the vicinity of the farm.
The natural beauty of this place is one of the many reasons why a family visit to Finca Vistahermosa is worthwhile. In the company of one of our guides, the children will have a great time following the trail of these species, discovering new varieties of flowers and shrubs and even looking for Easter eggs or treasures hidden in the surroundings.
We like to work with a basic idea of what will be the route through these lands and from there improvise and let ourselves be carried away by what nature decides to give us at that moment. In this way, each walk through the farm is a unique and unrepeatable adventure.

activities with your children in a gorgeous place in spain

Weekly activities in our children’s area

Children also have a VIP area at Finca Vistahermosa. A place reserved for the realization of activities specially thought for them. Here is, for example, where we make them feel something more special with the unique must tasting, celebrate snacks or prepare an afternoon of painting to develop their artistic talents.
The program of proposals is renewed weekly depending on the demand that exists and that is especially high in the summer months. So if you want to make the kids enjoy a different afternoon, contact us as soon as possible and we will organize a very special day and tailored to these demanding visitors.